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My goal is to provide the "QUALITY OF WORK" to my clients. I have been associated with the software industry for the past 5+ years. Over the years I have developed competencies in the following technologies and paradigms:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • PHP Site Development
  • Wordpress Site Development
  • Joomla Site Development
  • Js / Jquery /AngularJs
  • Css / Css3 AJAX Work
  • MySQL

I find myself to be an adherent believer of the proverb “Never Give Up”. I understand that the world of software engineering is rapidly evolving and is highly competitive. A software engineer needs to be always on his toes to keep up with the emerging trends, styles and technologies of the software industry. I learn fast, adapt quickly and have acquainted myself with many cutting edge development tools. Website Design and Development is not just a profession, for me it is also a passion.