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  • Using JavaScript since 1996, Mostly Procedural...
  • Expert at EE (yes, the evil hyphened site) since 1997.
  • Initially came to SO to see what all the hate is about.

So far I cannot see any other reason for the hate than the sign-up wall at EE which can be ignored by scrolling down.

Some issues I currently have with SO:

  • Not being allowed to post more than one link in an comment,
  • having to identify myself as human,
  • ads unless I use adblock (no ads in paid or expert mode at EE)
  • as noob but not ignorant I was not allowing to vote
  • not being able to comment with code and being told off when I posted code which did not SOLVE the question as an answer to get the formatting is also a bit harsh.
  • I would like to get a mail whenever something happens like I get at EE, and not 10 hours later.
  • A completely valid and working answer from me got voted down by some purist and the comment about the down-vote was voted up and there seems to be nothing I can do about that.

I see however that the questions at SO are often much deeper technical and better worded than at EE so it is obvious the target audience is different (e.g. SO askers are already technical, many EE askers are not - or not in the area they ask).

So live and let live, people...

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