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comment Google indexed pictures or content
While this question could be construed to be on-topic since it touches on privacy, it is specific to one web service and would be better served on Web Applications.
comment Turn off smooth scrolling in Office 365
What does this have to do with the Office 365 web application? This may be useful in the Windows application, where I had the same problem, though it seems that this didn't work for Outlook 2010; I'm not in front of a Windows machine right now to check for the current version.
Transparency sounds great. Speaking of transparency, what do you think of candidates in an election who lie about important issues in their pitch? This is pretty much the antithesis of transparency, and it's been a problem in some elections on Stack Exchange.
comment See the author of a question on Quora (without logging in)
Related: How can I read all answers on Quora without having to register? (answer: ?share=1)
comment Can Trello have a summary home of top tasks in different lists?
Welcome to Stack Exchange. Please read the faq. In particular, do not post just a link, include useful content directly in your answer.
comment Turning off Google search results indirection
possible duplicate of Copy link found by Google search
comment Turning off Google search results indirection
That's an annoyingly twisty workaround, more complicated than doing the search in w3m. Is there a way to disable the redirection once and for all through a user script?
comment How to add members to a Trello board?
I've now clicked my invite link again, and this time I saw an button to accept the invitation, which worked. I guess I'm confirming the fix works.
comment How to add members to a Trello board?
@DanielLeCheminant I seem to be in the same situation. I created an account on Trello, requested an invitation to a board (out of band), got the invitation e-mail (sent 2011-09-24 03:15Z), clicked on the link (around 2011-09-24 11:30Z), and was redirected immediately to the usual board URL where I saw what seems to be exactly the same page as before (it's a public board). I'm still not a member of the board, and there doesn't seem to be any kind of “accept invitation” or “join board” button. I tried in both Chrome 14 and Firefox 5.
comment Is there any free application that allows me to censor live tweets and show the approved ones live-ish?
@drDoctor: Are you looking for an application that runs on your computer? Then tells us about your operating system (and browser if you want browser integration). Or are you looking for a web service?