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comment Is there a web view of my synchronized Google Chrome bookmarks?
Sadly this went away even before docs became drive. No longer work.
comment Is there a web view of my synchronized Google Chrome bookmarks?
This is separate from the bookmarks that Chrome syncs. Interestingly, it's presently showing me the list of places I've stared in Google Maps on my phone.
comment Can I remove the ads from the top and bottom of my Tumblr page?
@hannah - John C's point is that the ads are NOT part of tumblr (unless they are part of your theme, but you appear to have taken care of that). That means they are being injected into the web page AFTER tumblr serves it - which makes it pretty likely to be happening at your browser. What browser are you running, and what extensions (if any) do you have installed?
comment Take pictures down from Piczo (posted by someone else)
@Alex - I don't know the situation here, but I know lots of folks whose home e-mail addrs change regularly due to them changing ISPs, and using the accounts provided by the ISP.
comment Forcing uniqueness in a Google Spreadsheets column
OK, this needs to be said: Just like Excel, Google Spreadsheets aren't a database engine. You might want to consider some kind of real database backend that could do this correctly. We have 20+ years of very bad experience with people using Excel as a database, and I'd hate to see everyone have to learn those lessons all over YET AGAIN. Spreadsheet != database. Learn it, live it, love it.
comment Password management service - Web, iPhone and iPad - any ideas?
Personal opinion: keeping your passwords on someone else's server (even if it properly encrypts on your end) is asking for trouble. If there's ANYTHING wrong with their encryption algorithm, then the attacker knows where to go to get passwords for a LOT of people.
comment Are there any important features from Microsoft Office that a college student would miss if he switched entirely over to Google Docs?
There is some gain to be had from sticking to one tool exclusively, because you get better with that one tool.
comment Are deleted files sent to the recycle bin by Dropbox?
No, I always keep hidden files displayed. On Windows, the Dropbox folks seem to be playing by the Windows rules and putting the cache folder in the user's AppData directory where it belongs.
comment Are deleted files sent to the recycle bin by Dropbox?
On Windows, I think you'll find the relevant directory under your user's Application Data/Dropbox directory (on my system, for instance, it's C:\Documents and Settings\Michael Kohne\Application Data\Dropbox\cache)
comment More spam is making it into my gmail inbox - is it due to something I've done?
Good advice, but I think the greater danger in unsubscribe attempts is that the spammer may use a website to install malware during the attempt. I suspect that these days spammers run at such high volumes that they don't actually care if your address is real or not.
comment Alternatives for Google Reader (with Android synchronizing)
I don't think that at the moment there is a significant functional difference between the two, except that if you use other Google apps, it's convenient to use Reader as well.