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I’m a bioinformatics PhD student at EMBL-EBI and the University of Cambridge but I’m originally from Berlin.

My programming interests span from C++ over .NET and dynamic languages all the way to XHMTL/CSS and R.

I’m mainly working on genomics using high-throughput sequencing data. My thesis is about the regulation and expression of non-coding RNA (especially tRNA) in mammals.

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comment Someone memorialized my Facebook profile but I'm still alive!
It’s perversely logical that you cannot contact them: as far as Facebook is concerned, you’re dead, remember?
comment Leave Google Talk pop-out window open when closing parent site
Oh-uh. The answer is really obvious. Should have looked just a little longer.
comment How do I link my Google Profile to my blog?
Nice! Can we get this for our Stack Overflow profiles, please?