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I started learning web development with the most basic tools: Notepad and HTML. It was all just tinkering for a few years, then I dug into CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL at a job where those skills were needed. A couple of jobs later, I'm working in Ruby on Rails, using Rspec and Cucumber, and gearing up to work with Riak.

comment How do I add line breaks to my tweets on Twitter.com?
Posted this Q&A because my web search found a bunch of articles that were like "OMG Twitter started supporting line breaks! What can you use them for? Were they right or wrong? Can you do it via the API?!" but no "here's what to press."
comment How does one change the canonical repo for a Github project?
I wonder if you could do it yourself by renaming each repo, swapping ownership, and restoring the original names, so that the original owner ends up owning the fork and vice versa.
comment Is there any way to see traffic sources to a Github project?
Awesome, thanks for the update!
comment What happened to my delegated Gmail account?
I submitted a support form to Google, linking them to this discussion, so they should be aware of the bug.
comment Is there a web application for phonetic English word searches?
That's what I'm looking for, but the results are a bit wonky. I gave it ".* F IY T *.", meaning "starts with anything, then has F as in Fee, then E as in Eat, then T as in Tea, then ends with anything." My results included "beefeater", which is good, but also "audiophile" and "ionosphere," which are definitely wrong.
comment Can I change an image in a Wordpress theme?
Well, I did manage to remove the image by commenting out a line in one of the theme's PHP files, which I found by grep-ing for the image name, but I never saw an easier way than that...