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Not as actively active on Stack Exchange as desired... too many irons in the fire.

I am an IT "Jack of all Trades" with experience in graphics design, web programming, and server administration. I've even done some photography and acquired a wide assortment of other skills.

Because of the variety of jobs I've performed, I've grown into a robust and innovative problems solver.

Unfortunately, the majority of my projects and writing are tied up behind Cape Fear Valley's firewall.

One of my side projects has been working with a local Christian Rock group - Jesus Joshua 24:15. I've been their photographer and webmaster, having built their website as a class project and growing it to their current site. Additionally, I've been their roadie, studio technician, and helped upgrade their recording studio.

comment How can I publish a book in pieces while I'm still writing it?
@patmcgee1: Look at lifehacker.com/5396832/… for some ideas on how to customize it to your needs.
comment How to migrate from a Hotmail account
not having an account, do they offer POP or IMAP access? It will help with the migration.