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i do a think

comment What category should you use for the Facebook page of an online music store?
Unfortunately it's not really accurate, although a reasonable idea.
comment What does tagging a note with a page in Facebook do?
I guess I thought there was some sort of track-back from pages to notes about them. But that isn't the case.
comment How can you re-order the options of a Facebook Question?
Of note - as questions are answered, they are sorted by popularity. So I think there may be no way to re-order the list. However, a way to re-order it on the initial creation would be useful.
comment How can I create a link for patrons to pay for an event using Paypal?
Totally reasonable suggestion. I'm already doing that, and it may be the best/only answer. I just wanted to minimize the number of re-directions that a user had to go through, if possible.