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Top new questions this week:

Google forms to google sheets to google doc - How to set date to display dd-mmm-yy in sheets and doc?

I'm fairly new to coding, and am trying to get my head around a problem for some work admin. I´m hoping there's a quick and simple fix to this. So as the title says, we enter info on a google form and ...

google-sheets google-forms  
asked by Chris 1 vote
answered by doubleunary 0 votes

How can I have Desmos trace a point's path?

I have this graph on Desmos. How can I have it trace the red point as tv increases, and un-trace it as it decreases back to 0? Thanks, Cat

desmos graph  
asked by CATboardBETA 1 vote

How do I filter cells by a list of keywords, and import them into another sheet in a workbook?

I've got a list of customer feedback from a company's website. We'd like to filter the data by store, so we can shout out the staff members or stores that are doing particularly well, and give them ...

asked by Pod 1 vote
answered by doubleunary 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to prevent cut and paste data changing references in formulas?

Google Sheets has a feature where if you have a reference to a data cell in a formula, and you cut the data from that cell and paste it in a new location, the reference in the formula is updated to ...

asked by grahamparks 72 votes

He says he is taking a nap but Facebook Messenger say online 1 minute ago

My boyfriend says he will take a nap and that is fine with me. After half an hour, I checked if I have messages from him only to find out that he was online 1 minute ago. I asked him but he says that ...

asked by Cyra 7 votes
answered by chloroform 10 votes

How do I invite all team members to a new Slack channel

Is it possible to invite all users (the entire team) to a new Slack channel? It seems there are limits to the number of people that can be invited at once.

asked by Abram 63 votes

Permanently turn off new Google Maps and go back to old one

I found new Google Maps slow, useless (routes with only two points) and wrong. Is there any way, I can turn it off completely and go back to favored old Google Maps? Or is this — as with ...

asked by trejder 75 votes
answered by John C 70 votes

How can I hide my friends list in Facebook?

I don't want people to see my friend list when they look at my Facebook account. How can I hide my friends list from people looking at my Facebook account? When I google for this, I see about 100 ...

facebook friends  
asked by leora 11 votes
answered by Alex 17 votes

How do I link a cell in Google Spreadsheets to a cell in another document?

I have a monthly spreadsheet that relies on figures from the previous month. I'd like to import these values dynamically rather than cutting and pasting them. Is this possible? How do I do it?

google-sheets importrange  
asked by Jeff Yates 200 votes
answered by ale 206 votes

How do I find a Facebook "friend request" that I declined?

How do I find an old "friend request" that I declined?

asked by Harmony Johnson 9 votes
answered by Yosi Mor 5 votes

Can you answer this question?

Using OFFSET function across multiple sheets

New to Google sheets, so feel like I'm falling down somewhat of a rabbit hole trying to figure this out... I have a spreadsheet 'sheet 1' where we keep the details of our sales - Name, address, design,...

asked by Kimmie 1 vote
answered by doubleunary 0 votes
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