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Formula for matrix (dates in descending order)

As a sequel to this question Formula for matrix (dates in ascending order) how would the formula (=IF($B2="Apple",A2-SORT(FILTER(A:A,B:B="Pear", A:A<$A2),1,FALSE),"") ...

google-sheets google-apps-script formulas  
asked by beeshyams Score of 3
answered by Daniele Score of 4

Formula for matrix (dates in ascending order)

Firstly, apologies for this question but I couldn't really wrap my head on how to do this (ultimate aim is to put it in app scripts) Let's say I have a table that is updated daily showing the fruit ...

google-sheets google-apps-script formulas  
asked by beeshyams Score of 3
answered by David Tan Score of 3

"Copy to" confusion

In my spread sheet, there are 3 tabs, let's call them A,B and C. Tab A has user input data Tab B picks up that data (get.range and set.formula) and time stamps it (daily interval) with rows appended (...

google-sheets google-apps-script  
asked by beeshyams Score of 2
answered by beeshyams Score of 1

Cell specifying the running total length

Context Here column C contains a running total of the last 5 items from column B. Formula The formula is straightforward: Question In the above, it's hardcoded for a running total of 5. What's a ...

asked by dharmatech Score of 1
answered by Daniele Score of 2

Is setting a trigger for a function to run with a triggered function not allowed?

I would like my function freezeSunday to run at exactly at 1pm on Sunday. Since it does not appear that you can trigger a function to run at a precise time (only at a randomly selected time within a ...

google-apps-script google-apps-script-triggers  
asked by Mark Neal Score of 1
answered by Rubén Score of 0

Google sheet, from 2 lists to flattened table

I have two independent columns with data. How could I use that data to then produce a flattened table like this:

google-sheets formulas  
asked by evsc Score of 1
answered by Erik Tyler Score of 1

Google sheets function to filter out lowest associated cells

I was wondering if there's a way to use a function (maybe Filter?) in order to sort this data such that column K only contains one of each number, and the highest test associated with it in column L. ...

google-sheets formulas  
asked by Sp3ctral Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it possible to add a checkbox/button equivalent?

What I'm looking for is a one click enable/disable or toggle in some form. The closest I've come is manually editing a cell to enter a 0 or 1, but I'm hoping there's a nicer pattern. I know there's ...

asked by dlanod Score of 79
answered by Rubén Score of 15

How to modify a URL to get a Google cached version of page?

I want to look at a Google cached version of a webpage, but can't find it through the usual mechanisms, as per this related question. Is there a way to modify the URL in the address bar to take me to ...

asked by Lance Roberts Score of 146
answered by Business Inelligence Score of 37

Google Translate an image, not on your phone

The Google Translate application now supports in-image OCR and translation of text: https://support.google.com/translate/answer/6142483?hl=en but this functionality does not seem to be accessible ...

google-apps images google-translate ocr  
asked by einpoklum Score of 40
answered by Matt Sephton Score of 23

How to see who viewed my Facebook profile which is not in my friend list?

I have someone not added in my friends list that randomly visits my profile page. How can I know who visited my Facebook profile page besides the persons i’m already friends with? I know that right ...

facebook friends  
asked by YumYumYum Score of 1
answered by mark4o Score of 7

GitHub - What's this "Pro" tag on my profile?

I logged into GitHub today and found something new I hadn't seen before: What is this, and why did it begin to appear?

asked by 0112 Score of 180
answered by user0 Score of 163

How can I recover my Gmail account when I remember the password, not the username?

I have a Gmail account that I haven't used in ages so I've forgotten the login name I used to sign up with. I've forgotten the recovery e-mail address setup on the account but I can remember my ...

gmail google-account account-recovery  
asked by ChrisF Score of 8
answered by phwd Score of 4

Adding a datepicker in Google Spreadsheet

Is it possible to insert a datepicker in every cell of a column in Google Spreadsheet so that anyone can click (with a single click) on that cell and get a datepicker calendar to select a date?

asked by user12181 Score of 64
answered by Kevin Mowrey Score of 102

Can you answer this question?

Filter date, and add blank rows between different time slots

I'm trying to build a reservations spreadsheet for my friend's restaurant where she can input on monthly sheets as resos come in, then see a filtered, sorted summary of any selected day. Here is a ...

google-sheets google-sheets-arrayformula google-sheets-dates  
asked by Emma Score of 1
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