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Top new questions this week:

Single Google Sheet COUNTIFS function that counts across multiple columns with multiple conditions

I want a sheet that counts across multiple columns Here's my Google Sheet H M P U Submitted 3/3/23 John Validation In progress John In progress I want to use a ...

user avatar asked by Adam Score of 1
user avatar answered by doubleunary Score of 2

Change colors on graph

I have a graph on google sheets, and want to change the background color for certain values on x axis. For example, from a value A to a value B (on x axis) I want a background color 1, then from ...

user avatar asked by Ashenden Score of 1
user avatar answered by Blind Spots Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to easily add flight itinerary to Google Calendar from flight confirmation email in Gmail?

I got an email from my colleague about our business itinerary containing flight confirmation as a PDF attachment. Turns out Google can detect that it's a flight confirmation. When I search 'itinerary'...

gmail google-calendar  
user avatar asked by Petra Barus Score of 44
user avatar answered by Kevan Sheridan Score of 14

Can I change my Gmail email address?

I have a stupidly long email address on Gmail and would like to get it changed, or even just get a new one, but I can't see how. As soon as I log in on Google it knows who I am and signing up for a ...

gmail google-account  
user avatar asked by Bernhard Hofmann Score of 33
user avatar answered by Ken Pespisa Score of 26

Twitter account still logged in on friend's phone

I just changed my password, but one time I used my friend's mobile phone to access my account using the add account feature. Sometimes she uses my account to write or read something, and she still ...

twitter security account-management passwords  
user avatar asked by Dany Score of 3
user avatar answered by Deepak Kamat Score of 3

How do I sign out of a single Google account?

I am trying to sign out of a Google account I have on Chrome, running on macOS. I do not see a "sign out," "log out," or a "remove account" button anywhere in the account dropdown. I only can see a "...

google-account google-multi-login  
user avatar asked by Skeleton Bow Score of 47
user avatar answered by marikamitsos Score of 22

Can I see who I've blocked in Twitter?

Is there a page on Twitter where you can view all the users you have blocked (similar to viewing your block list on Facebook)?

user avatar asked by Kevin Yap Score of 19

How do I strikethrough text in Gmail?

Basically I want to strike through some text; how can I do this?

gmail text-formatting  
user avatar asked by Val Score of 258
user avatar answered by Val Score of 234

How to prevent cut and paste data changing references in formulas?

Google Sheets has a feature where if you have a reference to a data cell in a formula, and you cut the data from that cell and paste it in a new location, the reference in the formula is updated to ...

user avatar asked by grahamparks Score of 80
user avatar answered by Motti Strom Score of 34
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