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Top new questions this week:

google sheet : extract number from string by matching the prefix

I have a cell contains this value/text : T50 EX3 OF2 BE40 BL10 ZLD6 ZLS2 ZRS10 AA1 How to get the number with the 'EX' prefix ? in this case i want to extract that '3' from EX3. Also, this number can ...

asked by andio 2 votes
answered by doubleunary 1 vote

Sheets or Excel - sum values in column a for each unique date and time in col b

I have two columns. One is a value, the other is a date and time: A. B. 01/01/21 5.15 3 01/01/21 5.15 2 01/01/21 5.15 4 01/01/21 5.30 2 01/01/21 5.30 3 I want ...

google-sheets microsoft-excel  
asked by Mark Harris 1 vote
answered by Erik Tyler 1 vote

How can I view archived messages in Gmail but filter by category?

I heavily rely on Gmail's category organization. Lately I've started archiving emails that I've looked at already to avoid clutter in my "primary" category. However I've run into a problem. ...

gmail gmail-filters gmail-search  
asked by William 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Find the most liked tweet from an account

Is it possible to find the most liked tweet from a public Twitter account? For example, what is the most liked @StackOverflow tweet?

asked by Stevoisiak 28 votes
answered by SleepingGod 38 votes

Logout out of all devices for a Google account

I want to force logout on all devices signed into my Google account. I don't actually use Gmail with this account, I use it for primarily for Drive and Calendar. Recently I've logged into a few third ...

security google-account logout  
asked by sam 7 votes
answered by ale 5 votes

Is there a way I can see a list of all my YouTube comments over time?

I posted something the other day and wish I could find the video again. Is there a way I can see all of my comments?

asked by Bernhard Hofmann 217 votes
answered by Stunner 187 votes

How to show all archived messages in Gmail?

How do we search for all our archived messages in Gmail? Non-archived messages should not be displayed, Only the archived messages should be shown.

gmail gmail-archive  
asked by Pacerier 23 votes

How can I appear as an "anonymous animal" on Google Drive?

How do you change your title to an anonymous animal on shared Google Drive documents? I'm currently in a college class of about 150 and I'm the only person doesn't seem to know how to make ...

google-drive google-docs google-drive-sharing  
asked by Laura H 8 votes
answered by psxls 6 votes

How can someone answer my survey form or Google form without creating their own Google account?

How can someone answer my survey form or Google form without creating their own Google account? They told me that they can't open my form because they didn't have an account.

asked by user110597 33 votes
answered by prdeepkumawat 12 votes

How do I remove an account from Google multi-login?

I have three accounts among the multiple accounts I have for Google's products. One of them belongs to a friend who accidentally made his account one of mine when he was using my PC. How do I remove ...

google-account google-multi-login  
asked by David Faux 20 votes
answered by Steven Roose 12 votes
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