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How to make a Google+ circle a strict subset of another circle?

I would like to create two circles. One called children and one called family. Naturally all members of children circle are also members of family circle but the family circle contains more. children is a strict subset of family. And I would like that all members of the children circle are automatically members of the family circle. How can I achieve this?

Furthermore I would like to expand this. Next I would like to create another circle called photo friends, which automatically should contain all members of the familiy circle. And after this I would like to create friends which contain all members of photo friends.

In the end I would like to publish photos: those which are only for my children, those which are for the family, those which are for my photo friends and those which are for all other friends. And I do not want to maintain for every single photo a list of circles. Instead I only want to define one single level of confidentiality for each photo. Is this possible with Google+?