Let's take the following example document:


How can I create an anchor link for the heading "How to boost sales" to share this document position with another user?

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You can create a bookmark.

Place the cursor where you want to link to, and select Insert → Bookmark from the menu. The Insert -> Bookmark menu item

Click the Link item in the popup menu: The Bookmark popup menu

The browser location bar now shows the URL to the bookmark, which you can forward to other users (that have access to the document, of course).

The browser URL bar


Beyond adding bookmarks, every document heading (Format > Paragraph Styles) automatically makes an anchor. You can see the URL change as you navigate through the different headings.

  • Exactly what I'm after! Copy the link from the address bar when the cursor is in the heading and add that elsewhere in the document, send to other people etc...
    – drevicko
    Feb 1, 2019 at 4:06

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