I'm creating a google form and I've stumbled across this issue: I have a checkbox with options, say: A, B and C; so that it's possible for a respondent to choose more than 1 answer. And I have the SAME set of questions to ask about each option, that is if a respondent chooses "A" option only, they should see questions only about "A", and if they choose "A" and "C", they should be given a set of questions about "A" and then (the same set of questions) about "C". As I understand this, showing particular sheets for each option would work here great, but it's not possible for a checkbox.

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Short answer

Google Forms doesn't have the workflow controls that you are looking for.


Google Forms has a way to set the next question page to be shown, but this only works for dropdown and multiple choice (radio button) questions.

See also

"Go to section based on answer" checkbox Show questions based on answers

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