I'm making entries on a daily basis and one of the cells I'm filling in is drop down with 20+ options. For ease I can start type the option I need and I wondered is there a hot key to complete the one that I'm typing?

I have looked at http://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/30247/keyboard-shortcut-to-open-a-drop-down-list-for-cell-values-in-google-docs-spread but that does not help. While typing if I press enter it just creates a new one. Let's say I need "accommodation". I can start typing "acc" and see it, what hotkey is going to complete the rest? Tried with tab, space, ctrl, enter... they didn't work.


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In Google Sheets is there a key or hotkey that can complete an entry from a drop down cell?


Available hotkeys are shown here.

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