I am pretty sure I need to use MATCH but can't quite get it working.

For Example




a 1
d 4

Desired sheet1

a 1
b (blank/empty)
c (blank/empty)
d 4
  • I thought it would be something like =ARRAYFORMULA((IFERROR(MATCH(A$2:A,Sheet2!C$2:C,0),TempCat!D2))) but that means the # after D is based on the row in original sheet not Sheet2 – WeyldFalcon Nov 16 '16 at 18:27

Assuming it is not the text (blank/empty) that you want but rather a seemingly empty cell and that a in both sheets is in cell A1, please try in Sheet1 B1:


and copy down to suit. VLOOKUP

IFERROR tests the result of the lookup function (which will return an error where the sought value is not found) and returns a 'blank' with "".


Vlookup was the way to go here is the final version:


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