I'm trying to use ArrayFormula to reference a list of IDs from 1 sheet, then match them to another and get information from their corresponding row.

At the moment, this is returning 1 result, but not continuing down the list of IDs, because that's not how Match works in this case

=ArrayFormula(Index(SIHOT!F2:Q, Match(A2:A,SIHOT!F2:F, 0)+1, 1))

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Instead of combining index and match, use vlookup, which is designed to do both things at once: find a match and return an entry from another column in the matching row. Example:

=arrayformula(vlookup(A2:A, F2:Q, 2, 0))

returns an array of entries of column G (second in the range F2:Q) where the column F matches the content of column A.

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