I have a video that stutters every 3-4 frames on YouTube and was wondering if anyone can give any suggestions on how I can fix it. The video plays fine on the VLC media player.


  • Does no one have any suggestions ?
    – Kong
    Nov 25, 2016 at 16:44

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This means that one of the following is happening:

  • VLC is using hardware acceleration (alias GPU decoding) whereas your browser is not (alias CPU decoding), or vice versa, causing one to bottleneck but not the other.
  • VLC is using the AVC codec and your browser VP9. VP9 is much resource intensive than AVC, but does offer a better quality. It also doesn't scale as well over multiple cores.
  • VP9 is only hardware-accelerated in modern hardware whereas AVC is quite old by now and hardware-accelerated by everything and their dog.
  • your browser is using a higher resolution than VLC, higher resolutions take more power to decode the video.

To fix this, you need to enable/disable hardware acceleration in your browser, use a different browser, or, if neither helps the issue, somehow enhance your processing speed: Closing other programs, cleaning the fans, overclocking the the processors, upgrading the parts – though this is moving beyond the scope of this forum.

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