I have a problem with one of my Facebook pages. It is a page where I regularly publish posts via WordPess (Jetpack).

Automatically publishing posts via WordPress works. But when I visit my page, I see the following sections in the middle content (or are they called panels?) are:

  • Post form
  • Statistics
  • Posts
  • Photos
  • Posts

Yes, you are reading correctly, the "Posts" section appears twice. But they don't have the same content. The first "Posts" section (Posts #1) shows not more than two posts. If I create another post through the post form, it will be added to Posts #1 and remove the last post in that section, so that no more than two posts are being displayed. There is no difference if I attach an image or not.

The second "Posts" section (Posts #2) below "Photos" shows all the other posts that were published on this page. What I would like to do is having all posts in the same section.

I have tried rearranging the tabs through the "Manage Tabs" option, but this seems to only affect the order of the links in the left bar. To compare: This is my current tab order

current tab order

and this navigation links on the left site of the page. It has absolutely no effect on the sections in the main content.

navigation links on the left side of the page

I have also tried turning on and off the option "Use default tabs" on the "Edit page" screen.

My goal is to have all posts in the same section. If possible, I would also like to change the order of the sections displayed on my page.

Note: To not reveal my identity, I cannot provide a link to this Facebook page. I can, however, post redacted screenshots.

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