I'm a new user of Google analytics. I wanted to keep tracks of clicks on banners on a webpage.

There are three banners, so I generated this url:

The keys used:

  • Utmsource: clientsite. A mnemonic name for the referral site
  • utm_campagin: sitelaunch. The name of my campaign
  • utm_medium: banner. Since they are banners
  • utm_content: depends on the position of the banner.

I've run this campaign for a couple of days and now I have some results on my dashboard.

My question is: how can I actually check my campaign in Google Analytics, down to the clicks on the different banners?

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The easiest way to see it is in Acquisitions > All Traffic > Source / Medium. As all your mediums are the same, you will need to add a secondary dimension and choose Advertising > Ad Content which will display the utm_content tag.

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