I know how to star a repository but how can I star an organization so that I can keep track of all repositories in the organization?

For example, this organization has a lot of awesome repositories on web standards and I cannot just star all of them. I don't want to just bookmark the URLs.


Unfortunately GitHub doesn't offer the ability to follow an organization anymore. There used to be a JavaScript workaround you could use, but that doesn't work anymore either.

There is currently an open issue regarding the ability to follow organizations -- you can add your voice to the already-long list, if you want. It seems a lot of people would like to have that feature.

In the mean time, as a sort of workaround, you can follow the seven people in that organization, and (while a bit cumbersome) you will get notifications when they modify or create repositories.

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This feature is also what I want from GitHub. I've told them several years(? months) ago, but they didn't do that. (I think maybe they take it too complex, but the one I want is just very simple) So I created a chrome extension: Chrome extension here, wish you are using chrome...

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