I would like to embed HTML into a Google Doc and have it rendered in place when the Doc is being viewed. Is this possible?


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From my answer to How do you embed a video into a Google Doc? with a sligth adaptation:

At this time it's not possible to insert a video to embed HTML in a Google document. Below is the current Insert menu.

Google documents insert menu


As of today, I took Artist.html (as observed in Google Drive in subfolder) and opened it up in Google Drive with Google Docs while in Google Drive.

three dots > "Open with" > Google Docs

Google Docs then rendered the HTML file into a viewable Google Docs file. That rendered file, presumed to be a file, was then automatically/automagically saved in the same subfolder. So, I did not have to worry about saving the newly generated Google Doc into the same Google Drive subfolder with the Artist.html file.

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