I am really hoping someone would be able to help.

I have designed a long form containing around 50-60 fields of different types, some are conditional on others. I use this form to collect data from my customers. For a customer who has already submitted this form before, I want to have this form pre-filled with the information that was submitted last time. I have seen the ways in which a form can be pre-filled on Cognito website, but given that I have a long list of fields, manually inputting the field names and values is impractical. Is there any way to achieve this? A crude example coming to mind is to recordevery entry as a JSON and pulling up that JSON file by name if a customer opts to pre-fill the form.

I am open to embedding the form on a website or use the default Cognito link.


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I’m a developer with Cognito Forms. Based on your description, I believe the Entry Sharing feature is more suited for your needs. With entry sharing, you can send links to your users that allow them to update their entries they’ve already submitted.

  • I don't want my customers to overwrite an entry they have already submitted, if that entry has been 'locked' - an entry would become locked or un-editable, say 4 months after it was first submitted. For a recent entry, ideally I should allow my users to edit the entry as long as it is not locked. Entry sharing could work if I can get my customers to 'copy' a previous entity to start a new form. Is that possible to do?
    – KMLN
    Dec 11, 2016 at 0:44
  • If you need to preserved your existing submission, then you could replicate your submissions to a new form and share those entries out. We recently helped a customer get their forms setup to accomplish this. Please submit a support request for more information, as this is not a documented capability of Cognito Forms.
    – Royal
    Dec 13, 2016 at 20:08

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