I signed up for G Suite personal in order to have a custom domain name. Later, I decided to let my account get deleted and contacted Google support for assistance. At a later point, I decided to use G Suite personal, so I tried to sign up again.

1. First, I filled out this form. Supposedly, this is G Suite personal, but it doesn't seem like it. I found the link here. It says that it's used by a personal account and it is true. This is the @gmail.com address and the custom domain I used previously.


2. By clicking "why", I was redirected to a page that suggests an URL which just displays this message when logging in.


I got redirected from one help-landingpage to another until I had an entire row of browser tabs open, so I decided to contact Google support. They are very friendly and would certainly help me. Unfortunately, an access PIN is required.

So the voice on the phone stated two URL's:

  • work.google.com/pin
  • work.google.com/access


Both of them require a G Suite account, which I'm unable to set up. If someone points me to a way to contact Google support, it would be sufficient for an answer, because this would solve my problem (and I would share the solution afterwards, of course). Otherwise, is there any reason why I can't sign up and get even contact support without an account? I'm struggeling to get someone from Google on the phone.

  • If you figure out how to get meaningful support from Google regarding G Suite, please be sure to post it here. I'm not encountering the problem you've described, but it's bizarre that it's so difficult to contact a real person (or useful help pages, for that matter) to get started with G Suite. It's as though they're trying to deter new users. Dec 26 '16 at 23:52
  • I didn't feel deterred right from the beginning. But after deleting the account, re-creation obviously seems like an unexpected use case. And I'm guessing if Google had a "general support" phone number, end users would keep calling there endlessly for blatant support on almost anything. So that's why it's so hard, if not impossible to reach someone.
    – bytecode77
    Dec 27 '16 at 0:38

Since mail@[...] was taken and inaccessible to me, I just registered mail2@[...] at first.

Then I had access to the admin console, I could call Google support and that's when I managed to get mail@[...] back and remove the temporarily created other address.

This is a bit of a workaround, but most importantly: I was able to call Google support. I didn't need to, because from this point, all I had to do is:

  • Add the original mail@[...] account to the super administrator group
  • Remove the old one

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