A lot of sites on reddit have a rather flashy design, especially gaming related subreddits.

Now while I wouldn't consider the subreddits i sometimes browse during work as NSFW, the design is often a bit too flashy for a workplace.

I know about the NoCSS function for a sub in general, but whenever I add +nocss to a comment section it's simply ignored. Can I somehow use the default reddit design in comment sections aswell?

For comparison the League of Legends subreddit with and without (warning, flashy) NoCSS

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I just found out that +nocss isn't a function itself but a subreddit on it's own.

By using a + in the URL it is possible to browse the contents of multiple subreddits on the same page (explains the "multi" title). This causes the site to use the default reddit theme.

Since comment sections of posts are tied to a specific subreddit it's not possible to combine multiple subs.

Posts now support multireddit which means it is possible to add a +nocss (or any existing subreddit) into the link now to remove the default CSS of the subreddit.

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