here is the sample of my sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gr2QHtDCBHiOXUAiQ1ZVEmDKq5CGIGkLGpRM2tZhPBs/edit?usp=sharing

"Data1" & "Data2" is for input the data

"Master" is for overview all of the data by input the ID and add a mark.

"Output1" & 2" is same as "Data1 & 2" but only show the items with mark in "Master"

Should I use vlookup or index and match?

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I suggest vlookup in combination with filter. Here is an example:

=arrayformula(vlookup(filter(Master!D2:D, Master!E2:E="o"), {Data1!B:B, Data1!A:E}, {2,3,4,5,6}, false))

Step by step:

  • filter(Master!D2:D, Master!E2:E="o") takes the Id s from Master column D where column E is marked "o".
  • {Data1!B:B, Data1!A:E} prepares an array for lookup. This is only needed because your Id is not in the first column of the range; so an array has to be created with Id in the first column.
  • vlookup searches for the Ids returned by filter and returns the corresponding columns A-E from Data1
  • arrayformula ensures this all happens at once, no need to paste the formula row by row.

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