I made a Spreadsheet to link with a form, but the form responses are added automatically with a horizontal header on the top. I want a vertical header on the left, so I created another sheet and used the formula ='Form Responses 1'!## to copy data from the form responses sheet to the new sheet. But when I try to autofill each row, it doesn't follow the order I want. I need it to fill like this:

='Form Responses 1'!A2 | ='Form Responses 1'!A3 | ='Form Responses 1'!A4

But it fills like this instead:

='Form Responses 1'!A2 | ='Form Responses 1'!B2 | ='Form Responses 1'!C2    

What can I do to autofill my formula correctly across 30+ columns on each of my 7 rows?

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It looks like you want to transpose columns into rows. This is what the transpose formula is for. In cell A1 of the second sheet, enter

=transpose('Form Responses 1'!A:Z)

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