How to remove notification for suggested friend on Facebook?
Example: do you know John? You can add him as your friend. It's giving me notification on the person that I do not know.

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One trick I use is simply to block that user.

Click on the suggested person, that gives you their home page.

Click on the three-dot icon below their picture, a dropdown menu appears.

In this dropdown is the option Block User. Block them, Facebook stops offering that person as a friend.

It is however bit of a pain to block dozens of users. Don't forget that Facebook will just offer you someone else instead and you may not know them either.

  • Sorry, but this doesn't answer the question. OP is asking how to remove notification, so if you block someone, Facebook will suggest a new person and you will get again a notification.
    – serenesat
    Jan 4, 2017 at 6:42

Long press on the notification. There will be options to "Disable this type of notifications". Or click on the triple dot at the right side.

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