How to use Google Spreadsheet SUMIF agregation function with more than one condition?

What I currently have is formula: =SUMIF( A1:A50, "match_this",B1:B50)

But I want to improve it to have 2 conditions: =SUMIF( A1:A50, _ONE_OF_("match_this", "match_that"),B1:B50)

Is there operand like my imaginary _ONE_OF_ or what is the most simple, and correct way to handle this?


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One way to achieve this is by combining sum with filter. The filter can use several conditions, which may be joined by + (meaning OR), or by * (meaning AND). Example:

=sum(filter(B1:B50, (A1:A50 = "match_this") + (A1:A50 = "match_that")))

sums the entries in B1:B50 where A1:A50 is either of two things.


  • There is sumifs but it joins conditions only as AND
  • There is or but it's not supported by sumif
  • The great flexibility of filter is that it focuses on one thing: filtering a range by a condition. You can apply any function you want to the filtered results: sum, product, count, maximum, etc. Also, the condition can be expressed by any formula, not constrained by a rigid syntax of sumif and its relatives. For example, advanced string filtering can be done with regexmatch.

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