I want to search Craigslist for a TV that is not 22 inches or 32 inches and isn't broken, etc.

So my query was: tv|television -projection|plasma|apple|broken -22" -32".

Here is the actual search.

But the double quotes is messing it up (because a pair of double quotes usually indicates a phrase). I probably need to escape those special characters somehow.

Craigslist Search Help does not specify what I'm doing wrong.

What search query will achieve my goal?

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After reading Craigslist's Advance Search instructions, I don't think your search can be done. But I have a couple alternatives that might get you closer to the results you want.

  1. Use wildcards instead of quotes: tv|television -projection|plasma|apple|broken -22* -32*

  2. Just omit the quotes: tv|television -projection|plasma|apple|broken -22 -32

Both of those queries do return results. Unfortunately, they probably don't return some results that you would like to see (because of false positive matches).


You can use a search engine such as AllCraigslistsearch.com and use regular Google boolean search operators. So your search query would look like this:

(tv|television) -(projection|plasma|apple|broken) -22 -32

You might try using the wildcards "*" and "?"
I use the * for when i'm looking for particular size, ex people list memory size differently, 128 or 128gb or 128g or 128 gb. I can search for 128* and all will list, whereas if i only search for 128 I won't get 128gb or 128g in my results.

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