For months now I've been getting a weekly summary email from Orangedox telling me that my spreadsheet has been downloaded around 500 times. It looks like this (received today):

Weekly notification email

Not only did the number seem high, it also seemed odd that the file should be downloaded around 500 times every single week.

Now I finally got around to logging in to the Orangedox web app and I see these stats for the last 30 days:

Download stats for last 30 days

Eleven downloads is plausible. Is the number from the email (540) the result of a bug? Or is there another explanation?


Orangedox weekly stats will show you all of your downloads and previews for this file (same as you'll see if you browse for the file though the app). However the detailed analytic window within the app shows only this weeks metrics by default; you can change this time-frame by selecting the date in the top right hand corner (as shown in the modified screenshot below).

Orangedox Screenshot

  • side node - we may change the weekly status email to include only views during the previous week.
    – Chad Brown
    Jan 10 '17 at 22:54

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