I had connected a Yahoo! email (account 1) under another Yahoo! email (account 2). I accessed account 1 almost exclusively through this connection through account 2.

Apparently, during the data breaches, Yahoo! unauthorized this connection for my security. However, I was not made aware immediately. As a result, I moved some ~4,000 old emails in account 1 (via the connected folder in account 2) while it was not actually synchronised. So the un-synced folder for account1 in account 2 reflects the moves/updates, but the actual account 1 email does not.

My Question: Is there a way to re-sync the emails in a way that captures/saves all of the moves I made in the un-synced/disconnected account1 folder in account2 to copy to the "real" account?

Put differently: can I replace the locations of messages in a Yahoo! account with the location of those emails in a no-longer synced folder of that account?

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What might be best if all your data is still on your old mailbox folder, backup what you have then delete it and do a full re-sync and check you have not got anything missing.

Always best to backup and resync in full in situations like this.

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