I've just reviewed an e-book which is a blatant ripoff. 50 reviews, all within 2-3 weeks of publication. All 5 stars, often with exact same contents*.

(seems to be an ongoing thing with Amazon, I dearly wished they copied Yelp and removed astroturf reviews).

The only 2 critical reviews are mine and someone else. Who had a name before, but now shows up as 'Amazon Customer'.

I don't mind if the author flags my review with Amazon for abuse (there isn't any) but I would rather not have the author go to town thrashing my other reviews. It has happened before to others when the authors game Amazon. It also happened to me, a long time ago - plain bad book, not an Amazon shill operation.

So, I'd love to change this review to 'Amazon Customer' too. How do I do it? I want to leave my other reviews alone, not anonymize my username everywhere.

  • you can easily use 'search within reviews' to quickly spot the shills. Just pick a relevant keyword.

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Kudos to https://www.komando.com/tips/325536/take-control-of-your-amazon-public-profile-privacy/all which pointed me in the right direction.

(update: you can get to the settings page faster with this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile )

Pick Accounts & Lists on the right of the main page.

You get a drop-down menu with all sorts of stuff, like Your Wishlist, Your Orders. Pick a link again called Your Account.

Now you get a page with a number of boxes. Your Orders, Login and Security, Digital content and devices.... You've probably been here before.

You want the box on the left, about mid down the page, called Ordering and shopping preferences. And in that box, pick Profile.

Now you end up with a page showing your private profile.

On top, there i a link This is your private view of your profile. See what others see.

enter image description here See what others see does just that. And you can pick the Edit Your Profile button to control your public visibility.

You can change your visible user name, change your review visibility, etc...

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