I need to create a count of data that meets two criteria. Column one consist of dates. For this one, the input to count is today, or TODAY(). The dates will be entered in B2:B100

The second column is Status with desired input to count is "To Do". The status will be entered in D2:D100.


You can also use the COUNTIFS formula to do that, like so:

=COUNTIFS(B2:B100, TODAY(), D2:D100, "To Do")
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    This would be the better way to do it. Completely forgot this had a multiple argument type. – STowslee Jan 16 '17 at 17:39

One way you can do this is to do an evaluation in a new column, then check the output value with your countif statement.

In one column have it determine whether or not both criteria are met:


What this does is says that if B2 is equal to SOMETHING and D2 is equal to SOMETHING_ELSE, return the string "TRUE", if both conditions are not met than return the string "FALSE".

So if we put the formula above in column G the countif would look something like:


Anything which returned a string "TRUE" will be counted, and the ones which failed the AND criteria and returned the string "FALSE" are not counted.

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