On a desktop computer, whenever we use Google search, we get results of nearby locations only.

  • Is it possible to get more search results of other locations?
  • If yes, what I need to do in my desktop computer?

If you scroll to the bottom of any Google search page, you'll see your location.

To search from another location you can use the following URL: http://isearchfrom.com/

In that page, you can specify the country, language, city and other location parameters. Then, enter your search text and hit the search button. A new page will be opened in Google with your desired location parameters.

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You can increase the number of non-local results following these steps:

  • Eliminate all browser add-on toolbars -- most are advertising gimmicks to redirect your search.
  • Delete all cookies, either using the browser or third-party tool such as CCleaner.
  • Forbid use of location data by applications. This is OS dependent, for example, as in Windows 10 or Mac OS.
  • Use a search service that does not track you, e.g. DuckDuckGo.
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