I opening in https://www.youtube.com in Chrome. But I cannot comment on any video. YouTube comments box itself is missing.

Comments are not disabled in those videos am trying to comments. I can see others comments. I have signed in already.

I can comment through my mobile in YouTube application. Whats wrong any ideas?

Here is one sample.

enter image description here

If am not wrong the comments box should appear after the video summary. Clearly it is missing. From below picture you can see I have "signed in" also

enter image description here

  • Just happened to me today too. Using Chrome BTW. Firefox is okay. But earlier today it was fine on Chrome. Then I signed out, then back in, then gone.
    – ejbytes
    Jan 25, 2017 at 3:21

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You appear to have some extensions installed. Even if the extension is disabled for YouTube, they can still cause issues (since YouTube is using a zoo of domains to host different kinds of functions).

That said, you are using the new design. The new design is currently in experimental A/B-testing phase, so your version indeed may be broken. I recommend sending feedback at the bottom of the sidebar so the developers know about it.


Comment box appears just below the video.Check your Temporarily disable all plugins, extensions, and add-ons in your browser.

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