On Sheet 1, I have data

Vision    |  Joe      |  1/1/2016  |   $100
Vision    |  Joe      |  1/2/2016  |   $100
Vision    |  Joe      |  1/3/2016  |   $100  

On Sheet 2,

Vision    |  Joe      |     $300     |

However I don't have this working. The query I am using in Column C of Sheet 2 is:

=QUERY('Sheet'!1:1000, "SELECT SUM(D) WHERE A='"& A2 &"' AND B='"& B2 &"' AND '"&YEAR(C)&"'='2016' label SUM(D) ''")

However I am getting an error

Unknown range name: 'C'.

Why can't I pass the column C to the YEAR function?

  • Because Year needs a cell (ie: C1) as an argument, not a column (ie: just C). anyhow, questions about Google-Sheets are off-topic for SU - voted to migrate to WebApps.
    – techie007
    Jan 24, 2017 at 18:32
  • Oh thanks. So is there some way to use this function in a Query? Jan 24, 2017 at 18:57

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Because you are using the wrong syntax. Guessing that you want a query to populate a single cell (assumed to be C2), please try:

  =QUERY(Sheet1!A1:D1000,"SELECT sum(D) WHERE A='"&A2&"' AND B='"&B2&"' and C >= date '2016-01-01' AND C <= date '2016-12-31' label SUM(D) ''") 

I'm assuming the OP didn't just want the sum for the date range solely for "Joe." It seems what is called for here is running a QUERY that first filters the data for only those entries within the date range, and then running a QUERY on that initial QUERY using "GROUP BY":

=QUERY(QUERY(A:D,"Select A, B, D WHERE C >= date '2016-01-01' and C <= date '2016-12-31' and NOT D = ''"),"Select Col1, Col2, SUM(Col3) GROUP BY Col1, Col2")

This will produce a new chart with headers, showing totals for each person by category, drawn only from the desired date range. The sums for the date range make having a "Date" column unhelpful, so that won't be part of the newly created chart, just "Category | Patient | Sum Amount."

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