Meetup.com is useful, but it never forgets anything, even when I tell it to.

If I mark down an interest and then later remove it, or if I join a group and then leave it, or even if I just look at the group's page too often, Meetup will use that data over and over again to make totally useless suggestions for meetups that I will never actually go to, either because I don't want to go to meetups for that interest, or because I'm not eligible to join the group.

Is there any way to stop Meetup.com from suggesting a specific group, or from using a specific interest wastefully to suggest groups?

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    I wish they'd support that, meditative yoga chakra balancing and transvestite coders are groups I have no interest in. They always clutter up views on meetup. I'd rather make room for other suggestions to flow through – jxramos Jul 27 '17 at 4:23

If you have a browser extension like TaperMonkey for Chrome or GreaseMonkey for Firefox, you can run some quick JavaScript every time https://www.meetup.com/ is run and delete any items against your blacklisted criteria.

Assuming you wanted to hide the following groups:


Then just take the two group names and add them to the blacklist in the script below

var blacklist = ["GroupWithDailyMeetups", SpammyGroup];
var blRegex = new RegExp(blacklist.join("|"));
$("a").filter(function(i,el) { return (blRegex.test(el.href)); })
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