I'm looking to find all files and folders in our company google drive owned by users external to our domain. We've had a number of interns over the last couple years that have created documents and folders that aren't under our control and can't be managed by our domain. This is a problem for obvious reasons, but there seems to be no easy way for us to crawl out of the darkness.

I've tried using GAM, but GAM can't 'see' these files owned by these users. Otherwise I could take a list of all interns emails and search for files owned by them and create copies or do other mass changes.

The Google Drive Recursive Ownership tool could potentially be used to find files owned by specific users and then create copies, but it would require a little bit of programming to work through.

Is there any straightforward way to fix this issue?

  • Looks that you already found a solution but it's not clear to me what is the issue that you want to fix. Are you looking for a workaround to the "little bit of programming"? – Rubén Feb 7 '17 at 3:25

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