Whenever I write a new post or article, and link to another article or post, the other post/article gets a comment containing a link to and content of the new article. Screenshot of such a comment

The comments section of WordPress shows author as Title and new post link.

For example, I wrote an article on how to root an Android 6 smartphone. Then I wrote another article about Xiaomi. In this article I added a link to the "Root Android 6 smartphone" article, which suddenly has a comment as shown in the screenshot.

How do I avoid creating these automatic comments?

There are no comment plugins except Akismet Anti-Spam (and this plugin does not flag the comment as spam).


This is the pingback feature (documentation), which is meant to post a comment on a post when the post is mentioned somewhere else - also on the same blog.

If you want to link to a post on your own blog without pinging it, you can do so by not using the absolute URL when linking. From the documentation:

To prevent self-pings, remove the domain from the link, keeping only the slug — the part of the URL that comes after the “.com.” Instead of this:

http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2009/03/26/twitter-widget use only this:


If you want to completely disable ping-backs (also from other blogs), you can uncheck the Allow pingbacks & trackbacks checkbox when editing a post.

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