I'm trying to get the true average "position" in Google (as per Google Search Analytics data) for specific search query filters (e.g., all queries containing "xyz")

Here's a link to my spreadsheet with dummy data.

Where I'm getting hung up is that I need to take into account the total number of Impressions for each in the Impressions column (column D) to get a proper average.

Here is my current formula:


How can I create a proper average?

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I would create a new column to hold either 0 or the amount of queries depending on if they contained the word see link, multiply that by the the average position for the query, then divide by the new column

I dropped a new sheet in your spreadsheet giving an example.

  • Hi thanks for sharing this! Seems to get a result, but I wonder if perhaps there is a way of doing this with the extra columns? – Drewdavid Feb 8 '17 at 23:02

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