Trello is rad. But one thing I haven't figured out:

How to sort cards in a list by the date that the cards were added to the list (or to the board)?

Also, is it possible to show (as a custom field?) the date that a card was added?

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You can use Butler for Trello, which is a bot that automates Trello (I'm the author). This command:

sort list "X" by time in list

sorts a list by the length of time that a card has been in the list. You can also reverse it:

sort list "X" by time in list descending

You can apply the command at certain times, e.g.:

every day at 6am, sort list "X" by time in list

Or when something happens to the list:

when a card is added to list "X", sort the list by time in list

With regards to displaying the creation date, you could issue a command like this:

when a card is created, rename it to "{cardname} (created on {date})"

This appends the creation date to the title. You could instead add it to the description or as a comment. Custom field writing support is not yet available because of limitations in the Trello API that Trello have committed to solve.


Trello support tells me:

This isn't possible natively, but there's a popular Chrome extension that does allow for this: Ultimello

I've since downloaded the extension, and it seems to do the job. How it works:

You can sort the cards by Due Date, Title (Alphabetically), Votes, Labels, and Creation Date. The Apply current sorting menu item will save the current sorting in Trello, which means that current cards order will become the actual cards positions.

The one thing missing: an indication (custom field?) on the card for when it was added to a list. Without this, it isn't obvious to users of the board that the list is now sorted chronologically.

Give an answer to this related question if you know how to implement this functionality.

  • I use this extension too, and it's super useful especially with the sorting. The developer Yuriy is helpful too with new features and questions. Recommend it!
    – Donz
    Mar 3, 2017 at 3:05

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