I have a work sheet called Current and within it a Column SportsTeam. The values for SportsTeam are populated as a dropdown list. The values for the dropdown list are in worksheet called Setup. In SetupI have two columns:

Name of team | Team Colour
Warriors     | Cell bkrd color is team colour
Cougars      | Cell bkrd color is team colour

I populate the dropdown in Current with the values of the Column Name Of Team.

I want that, when a user selects a Team name from the dropdown in worksheet Current, that cell background colour changes to the corresponding Team Colour.


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Setup is no help for Conditional formatting from the menu. Select Column Sports Team of Current and apply Text is exactly of:


with formatting of your choice, and add a Text is exactly rule for:


with formatting of your choice.

Repeat the same principle for as many teams as you require. Then Done.

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