The "Create Alert" button is missing from my Google Scholar search results page. How can I restore it or create an alert without it?

Let's say I run this advanced search in Google Scholar, enter image description here which returns a results page, enter image description here Google says there should be a "Create Alert" envelope icon on the result page, but it is missing. How can I restore it? Or is there another way to create a Google Scholar alert which gets emailed every time a certain journal is published with a chosen search term in the title?

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A kind librarian at the Boston Library Consortium answered this for me,

If you go to Google Scholar's page, it will have an "Alerts" icon at the top and after you click on that, it will have a red button for creating an alert then you put in a query and save it.

So in the example, the query would be

allintitle: hamster Publication: "journal of agricultural and food chemistry"

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