I have a large project where I need to gather and analyze data. I have three columns in a Google Sheets:

  • Column A is the amount of Favorites a tweet receives on Twitter
  • Column B is the amount of retweets it received
  • Column C shows the continent the tweet came from.

I need a fourth column which groups up the total amount of Favorites a tweet got in each continent. (So there should be seven rows in Column D). And I also need a fifth column with the total amount of retweets a continent received.

The challenge is finding a function to go through all of the rows in column C and be able to tell to sum up all the ones with the same continent name.

You can find the file in the link below to better visualise it: https://docs.google.com/a/fcusd.org/spreadsheets/d/1xAY3UZqvectVeQ0C6rSAaUHLRDWVHEX8c9e7SYisfjo/edit?usp=sharing

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    The spreadsheet you linked isn't shared publicly. Feb 16 '17 at 7:47

Create a Pivot table (under Data) with C for Rows and A and B (Summarise by SUM) for Values.


What you need is the classic SUMIF formula usage.

In column D use (in D1):


(change Asia to the other 6 continents for rows 2-7

And for column E use:


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