Normally when I use functions in Google Sheets I can do something like this =K:K/J:J and get that column to update for its specific row for example.


However with the SUM function this adds all of them. With a function like:


and copy pasting it in a bunch of rows leads to every row having the same number instead of them depending on the numbers in their specific row. I tried changing to the ADD function however this only can add two at a time. As a temporary fix I have been using this function:


and changing the number value for each row.

Is there a way to make a single formula that I can copy paste instead, something similar to the ADD function but with more than two values?


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You might use INDIRECT in a formula constructed like so:

=sum(indirect("O"&row()),indirect("Q"&Row()), ...  )

but a better solution might be a data layout revision.

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