I've got a GitHub account connected to two orgs. I regularly contribute to both, and also contribute independently to projects outside of either of these orgs.

Anytime I get a notification from any of these orgs, though, the emails about these notifications get sent to my primary, personal email.

For posterity and organization, I'd like to be able to do triage on these emails; for example, notifications on repositories belonging to org A should go to my email account with org A, notifications from org B should go to the org B email, with all other notifications going to my personal email.

Is there any way to do this? GitHub's email settings seem very minimal.

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This is possible with help of Custom routing. First you'll have to add the relevant email address to your account.

To do this:

  1. Head over to Settings → Emails and add & verify your email address
  2. Now head over to Settings → Notifications
  3. Under Custom routing, choose the required email for the organization

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