Is it possible to have filtered data update automatically as values change in rows in Google Sheets?

Say I have 10 rows of data, where one column holds only TRUE/FALSE values, based on a formula. I can use a filter on that column say "show me only rows with TRUE values", and it works.

However, if I change a value elsewhere in the spreadsheet, causing the TRUE/FALSE values to change, the filter is not dynamically re-applied. Some TRUE rows change to FALSE, but aren't hidden; some FALSE rows change to TRUE, but are not shown.

How can I make a table of data dynamically change what is shown when I edit a value in another cell?

(I'm happy to use FILTER() if that helps, but I can't figure out exactly how to use it.)

To avoid an XY Problem, my goal here is to have one column holding a whitespace-delimited set of "tags" for the row, and another cell (outside the table) where you can type in a tag and see the table automatically filtered to show only rows including that tag. Right now I can accomplish this goal of filtering by using "Filter by condition/custom formula is" along with with REGEXMATCHES() with a formula that composes a regex from another cell, and it works correctly each time I 'touch' the filter criteria...but changing the cell outside the table does not cause the filter formula to be re-applied.

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I would use the =filter() function as follows: on another sheet, enter

=filter(Sheet1!A:Z, Sheet1!C:C = True)

where it is assumed that the sheet with original data is Sheet1, the data is in columns A-Z, and the column with True/False values is column C.

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