I have a report module that shows a basic bar graph, is there a way to configure an additional line at say y=15?

The output I'm attempting to achieve is:

enter image description here

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I don't think this is possible in a report module. I believe you would need to use a manual graphing configuration off of the underlying report fixture data to achieve this.


There is a way to "hack" this to work. One way to do it, is to use the y-labels and y-max setting.

Under chart configuration, add a box for y-labels and set the value to wherever you want your line to be. For example '{ "10": "Goal" }' would create a line at y=10 and label with Goal.

The next trick to this is to set your y-max value under Chart Configuration to something that is greater than or equal to your horizontal line. This way you are guaranteed your horizontal line will show.

enter image description here

Documentation here

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