I am trying to calculate the hours for each week (starting Monday).

What formula should I write to: retrieve the weekly sum of hours from another tab (based on week number)?

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=sumif(C2:C, <your week number here>, D2:D)

One approach is to add all values, and subtract those already accounted for:

=if(A2="Sun", sum(D$2:D2) - max(E$1:E1), )

(To be entered in E2 and dragged down the column). This formula leaves the cell blank if A column does not have "Sun". Otherwise it adds up all D values up to and including the current row, but then subtracts what is already present in column E above.

  • Thank you for the answer to Question B. But how can I retrieve the sum of hours for particular week number? (Question A)
    – Aivars
    Commented Mar 3, 2017 at 22:30

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