I read in a reddit post that Brian and Alan used Google Drawings to create the drawings in The Go Programming Language. I'd like to learn how easily to draw an array like the one shown below:

enter image description here

It's easy enough to draw a rectangle, but is there a quick way to tell Google Drawings how to create a rectangle with a series of evenly spaced lines?

Or to take a different approach, create a row or column of repeated boxes?

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What you're looking for is the table. From the help (which isn't linkable):

  1. Open a document or a slide in a presentation.
  2. Click Table and then Insert table.
  3. Click to choose how many rows and columns you want to add. Tables can be as large as 20 x 20 cells.
  4. The table will be added to your document.

Now you can create a 14x1 or 1x2 table:

enter image description here enter image description here

For those interested this is a quick attempt using the Ubuntu font:

enter image description here

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