So I have this spreadsheet with data in it, there are 29 columns and 54 rows.

On the 2nd sheet I'm trying to find all of the rows that fit a certain criteria.

For some reason, if I include the column X in my query data, the results are completely messed up. The 1st row of the result is just concatenating the first 23 rows together whether they fit the criteria or not. If I only include up to Column W the query is OK and it returns the correct results. But the problem is that I need to get data from Columns A and AB, so I need to include column X in my data range.

In this spreadsheet you can see the data on Sheet1, the query that includes column X on Sheet2, and on Sheet3 I have the same exact query except it only goes up to Column W and you can see the correct results there.

Basically, I need the query to return the value of Column A and Column AB for every row where Column B is marked with an "x".

Here is the sheet

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You can use the Filter function to do this , with a literal array :


enter image description here

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